Find system SOGs, Policies, and frequantly used documents.

System SOGs and Policies

EMS Standard Operating Guidelines

Southwestern Illinois EMS System Policy Manual

Credentialing/ LMS  Login

System SOGs. This is the most current SOGs for the Southwestern Illinois EMS System.
System Policy Manual. This is the most current policy manual for the Southwestern Illinois EMS System.
Please use this link to login into the Southwestern Illinois EMS Systems credentialing system and Learning Management System (LMS).

System Forms

Inicdent Report

Credentialing Registration Form

Southwestern Illinois EMS System Disaster Plan

Form to be used when the system is requesting additional information outside of the patient care report.
All licensed individuals need to fill this form out one time.
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ECRN Ride Along Form

Region IV School Bus Incident Policy

Region IV School Bus Incident Policy

Refer to this policy when ever your dealing with an incident with a school bus.
ECRN please use this form when you are doing ride alongs for initial or renewal licensures.

Illinois Administrative Codes / IDPH FORMS

Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Center Code

EMS Licensing Online Fee Payment

EMS Reciprocity Application

This link will take you to the IDPH website to pay initial or renewal licensure fees or to update your address with them.
Form is used to file for reciprocity for an Illinois EMS license.
Illinois Administrative Codes, Section 515 pertaining to Illinois EMS.

IDPH  EMS Ambulance Inspection

EMS Sytem Plan Modification

IDPH  EMS Non-Transport Inspection Form Provider

This is the most current IDPH ambulance inspection form.
This form is used for service providers wishing to make changes to thier system plan, ie.. upgrade ambulance, downgrade ambulance, place new ambualnce into service or take out of servoce.
This is the most current IDPH Non-transport inspection form.

EMS Independant Renewal

EMS Extension Request Application

EMS License Fee Waiver Application

This form is used to renew your Illinois EMS license if you are not actively working within an approved Illinois EMS System.
Submit this form to the EMS office with a letter explaining why you are requesting an extension.
This form is used to file for reciprocity for an Illinois EMS license, when you have your National Registry or another state EMS license.

EMS Renewal Notice

EMS License Reinstatement

EMS Fee Schedule

This form is required to be filled out and signed for all renewals.
This form shall be completed by an emergency medical technician (EMT/A-EMT/EMT-I/Paramedic whose license has been expired for fewer than 36 consecutive months and who is requesting reinstatement.
Current fees IDPH charges for licenses.